What’s new?

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What’s new?

It has been less than two months since the Austrian Society for Research on Genealogy and Regional Heritage (ÖFR) went online. The feedback that we have received has exceeded everything we might have expected. In the meantime, the board and many of our members have not been idle. We would therefore like to tell you about our latest activities.

ÖFR-Wiki – a new online reference tool

Today we have launched a comprehensive reference tool, the ÖFR-Wiki, which is complementing the information available on our website. For the time being, the Wiki is only available in German. We will continually add content to this project and extend it step by step to cover the various crown lands of the former Habsburg monarchy. The Wiki is available here .

Mailing list GenList – a service provided by ÖFR

We are particularly interested in advancing communication between researchers on genealogy and regional heritage (Forscherkontakte).

In this spirit we have further news today: The mailing list GenList which has already been available since the year 2010 will from now on be maintained by our Society. The multi-lingual mailing list with more than 1,800 subscribers from countries all over the world was initiated by the professional genealogist Prof. Felix Gundacker. We would like to thank Prof. Gundacker for his tremendous effort.

To all of you who have already subscribed to the list: Nothing will change. If you want to join the list, you can do so directly on GenList.

And now we wish you all the best, the next news update sure will come!

Your ÖFR team



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