Introducing the Austrian Society for Research on Genealogy and Regional Heritage (ÖFR)

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We are connecting generations – From genealogy to regional heritage

The Austrian Society for Research on Genealogy and Regional Heritage (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Familien- und regionalgeschichtliche Forschung, ÖFR) was founded in autumn 2017.

We are a community of people of all ages who share an interest in learning more about the history of our parents, grandparents and further ancestors. In Austria, the church registers with their birth, marriage and death records are almost entirely available online and provide a wealth of information. Feudal documents and many other sources shed additional light on the personal circumstances of our ancestors.

Over the last few years, interest in family research has continually been growing in Austria. As people start to delve into the history of their ancestors, they also want to learn more about the heritage of the places and regions of their origins. This was one of the reasons why we decided to establish the Austrian Society for Research on Genealogy and Regional Heritage on the basis of the regional genealogists’ meetings (“Genealogenstammtisch”) that have already been taking place in Vienna and Lower Austria.

The society, which is a non-profit organisation, aims amongst others at encouraging research on genealogy, family history and regional heritage, as well as taking steps to promote skills and establish research on genealogy and regional heritage in public awareness.

ÖFR emphasises its research activities on the countries of the former Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The society is politically and religiously neutral, it is strictly non-profit oriented.

The main objective of ÖFR is to provide its members and the public with guidance and support as well as to offer a platform for interaction and networking. Events such as presentations, conferences, workshops, excursions and publications will contribute to achieving this objective.

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