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Below you can find the most important links you will need for your research.
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Online church registers and civil records for Austria

Roman Catholic church registers

Lower Austria, Vienna (Diocese of St. Pölten and Archdiocese of Vienna), Upper Austria, Styria, Carinthia, Salzburg, Vorarlberg)

Tyrol (Diocese of Innsbruck, Tyrolean parts of the Archdiocese of Salzburg)…/landesarch…/matriken-tirol-online/


The Burgenland church records are currently being digitised.

Civil records of Burgenland (formerly Hungary) – “Hungary Civil Registration, 1895-1980“:

For a description of the available fonds as well as an overview of the counties, go to

The following link is helpful if you want to identify German, Hungarian or Croatian names of places: Maps of Burgenland districts with their German, Hungarian and Croatian village names:

Protestant Church


Wien-Innere Stadt (Lutheran Church) 1783-1938:

Reformed Church H.B. Wien Innere Stadt 1791-1938:

Various Austrian provinces

Duplicate church registers of the Protestant Church A.B. and the Reformed Church H.B. in Austria, 1848-1900 (Arriach, Baden, Bleiberg, Eferding, Eisentratten, Feffernitz, Feld am See, Fresach, Gmunden, Gnesau, Gosau, Hallstadt, Klagenfurt, Linz, Neukematen, Schladming, St. Ruprecht, Trebesing, Tressdorf, Unterhaus, Waiern, Wallern, Watschig, Weissbriach, Vienna, Zlan):

Jewish registers

Jewish registers of the Israelitische Kultusgemeinde Wien 1784-1911 for Vienna, Ybbs – Amstetten, Zentralfriedhof burial records:

Military and war parish records, choose the entry ÖStA Österreichisches Staatsarchiv

Online church registers for the Czech Republic

State District Archive Plzeň/Pilsen:

State District Archive Praha/Prague (without the city of Prague):

Praha/City of Prague:

State District Archive Litoměřice/Leitmeritz:

State District Archive Třeboň/Wittingau:

State District Archive Zámrsk/Samrsk:

The State District Archive Zámrsk is providing an online register of fonds. In this register, digitised books are indicated with a hyperlink in the last line for the books you can download.

The Zámsk church registers are also online at:

Moravian Provincial Archive Brno/Brünn:

Regional Archives Opava/Troppau (for Austrian Silesia):

Additional links with important information

Gazetteer of Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and South Tyrol

The gazetteer comprises 72,000 locations with information on their former and current names, their parish affiliations and earlier affiliations, the year that record keeping began as well as the archival district. If the church registers are online, a link is available.

Historical and current maps

Historical maps of the Habsburg monarchy

Mapire offers access to the First (1763-1787), the Second (1806-1869) and the Third (1869-1887) Military Surveys, the originals of the Franziszeische Cadastre starting in the year 1817 for Austria, parts of Hungary and Croatia, as well as many maps for European cities and the Austrian Historical Town Atlas.

General map of Central Europe 1:200.000 by the Military Geographic Institute of Vienna around 1910
At the top right of the page, the index sheet of the general map of Central Europe provides the names of the individual sheets which are accessible further down, sorted alphabetically. The sheets can also be saved.

Genealogical databases (free of charge, requires registration)

Genealogical library (Library of the Heraldisch-Genealogische Gesellschaft Adler)

You need help?

Multilingual ÖFR mailing list, our multilingual mailing list with approximately 1,800 international subscribers

Forum Ahnenforschung Österreich

Facebook groups with a regional focus

Postings in English are welcome in all of our Facebook groups.

Vienna, currently more than 2,500 members

Lower Austria, currently almost 1,200 members

Burgenland, currently more than 550 members

Upper Austria, currently more than 550 members


Styria, currently almost 400 members

Tyrol (Tyrolean territory up until 1918)

Czech Republic, currently more than 1,500 members



Genealogy and military history in Austria, currently more than 550 members

We would also be happy to welcome you at one of our monthly meetings, the GENEALOGENSTAMMTISCHE. The dates are published on the Events page.

Further tips are available on our Facebook page and our WIKI (both in German).

Interesting presentations on genealogy in Austria

At the symposium “Genealogical sources – Genealogy as a source” (“Genealogische Quellen – Genealogie als Quelle) that took place on January 15, 2015 in St. Pölten on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of, a number of interesting presentations was given. The symposium was organised by GenTeam and the Archive of the Diocese of St. Pölten (

Further important archives

Austrian State Archives (Österreichisches Staatsarchiv, ÖStA):

Vienna Municipal and Provincial Archives (Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv, WStLA):

Lower Austrian Provincial Archives (Niederösterreichisches Landesarchiv, NÖLA):

Upper Austrian Provincial Archives (Oberösterreichisches Landesarchiv, OÖLA):

Provincial Archives of Burgenland (Burgenländisches Landesarchiv):

The Register of Archives of the Austrian State Archives provide a list of further archives:

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